Aloha Movement Kauai - It all started with a group of women in a very special place- Limahuli Garden on the Island of Kauai.

Lahela Chandler Correa and Ann Hettinger, the founders of Aloha Movement Kauai, are two women from very different backgrounds, culturally, racially and geographically.   Lahela born and raised on Kauai and Ann born and raised in the Midwest.

Lahela is the Visitor Program Manager at Limahuli Gardens and Ann runs women’s adventure retreats, both on the island of Kauai.

Lahela’s upbringing in the spirit of Aloha and Ann’s desire to create a better world for her grandchildren was a match made in heaven.  Lahela is Ann’s friend and teacher, sharing her knowledge, spirit and Love of Aloha to inspire and help those around her.  Ann recognized Lahela’s special gift when Lahela shared her story and lessons of Aloha with Ann’s adventure retreat groups.  The ladies in the group all listened intently, some smiled, some cried and all were so captivated by her message, that they wanted to continue this beautiful “Spirit of Aloha” shared so sincerely by Lahela.   Hence, was the birth of Aloha Movement Kauai.

Aloha Movement Kauai

A Hawaiian Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Corporation

Their first project in August of 2016, provided copies of the book Aloha – What it means to my Ohana and Yours for grades 1-5 at Kanuikapono Charter School in Anahola on the island of Kauai, has become a reality.  The book will be the focus of a class taught on Aloha at the school. 

They are in the process of expanding "Building Character through Aloha" an “Aloha” class program at  elementary schools on Kauai, Big Island and Oahu.

The goal is to help provide schools with books for Aloha class programs know as "Building Character through Aloha".  The book revolves around culture, traditions, and building character through the 14 lessons of Aloha.   

The programs are currently geared towards the kamaliʻi (children), but will eventually branch out to meet the needs of teens and adults. 

You can visit us at www.alohamovementkauai.com for all upcoming projects and programs.

If you would like to support our programs by volunteering or donations, please send us an email at contact@alohapublishinghawaii.com

The Vision:

Mission Statement:

"Ka'eu' inana" – “The energy and motivation to come back to life.” 

Aloha Publishing Hawaii is proud to donate a portion of proceeds from the sales of their merchandise to support the goals and projects of their non-profit arm, Aloha Movement Kauai .  

The vision is to share the lessons of Aloha to anyone wanting to learn.  These are basic human values that remind us of the types of qualities we strive to teach our children and ourselves to help generate peace, love and acceptance for each other worldwide.

“It doesn’t matter if you are white, black, blue or green, I believe we all have “Aloha”.  Aloha is considered the gift of the Hawaiian people to the world.  Learn and share Aloha today”.    Lahela

To help people all over the world live a life full of Aloha.  To share the meaning of Aloha as taught in the Hawaiian Culture and apply those teachings to everyday life to inspire, create harmony and reawaken Aloha in the hearts of all people within their own communities and to discover it within their own cultures.​

Programs:      "Building Character through Aloha"

How we started:

Giving Back

Book Donation made possible by Mike & Crys Margolis through Aloha Angels for   

Hanalei Elementary School,  Kauai, HI