“Aloha Movement Kauai, the non-profit arm of Aloha Publishing Hawaii is a wonderful organization that has really helped to shape character building into a way of life based on the values and morals of the Hawaiian culture. While it is very important to incorporate values into your everyday life, I was so grateful to receive this book, “Aloha”- What it means to my Ohana and Yours. The messages are clear and easy to understand.

As a teacher, I'm implementing this book into our entire elementary program and have found that this book provides me with a strong foundation, but also allows room to differentiate based on each grade level.

I am thankful for the opportunity to present this book to the children of Hawai'i. Being born and raised in Hawai'i, I have a huge respect for the Hawaiian culture and embrace the beauty and uniqueness. Whether you are familiar with the Hawaiian culture or not, this book is sure to teach you what's valued the most in the Hawaiian culture, leaving you with a sense of appreciation and belonging.”

The message and the values it instills will benefit children and adults from all walks of life.

Mele Cachero – Elementary School Teacher at Kanuikapono Charter School on Kauai

Written, Designed and Printed in Hawaiʻi

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Aloha Publishing Hawaiʻi was established in 2015 on the island of Kauai and is dedicated to promoting inspirational and educational materials that help perpetuate Aloha and the Hawaiian culture worldwide. Our goal is to share Hawaiian traditions with visitors, support local schools, authors, artists, businesses and residents. The mission is to always promote peace and hope through books, education, seminars and public awareness.

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   2nd Edition -Just Released     

A book about Hawaiʻi and Aloha


​​Aloha from the North Shore of Kauai 

2nd Edition of ALOHA – What it Means to My ʻOhana and Your                              

Aloha has become a very universal word, head all around the world.  But what does this word really mean beyond the greeting we so often hear?

This beautifully done 48 page book with 11 full color illustrations depicting life in Hawaii and engaging activities tells the story and lessons of Aloha as shared by Lahela Keikila’au’o’wakanahele Chandler Correa born and raised on the island of Kauai.  The book shares each character building activity in a fun and interactive manner through the culture, use of the language, and customs of the Hawaiian people. The lessons as taught to her by her parents and all the generations before them, instill love, harmony and respect for each other and their community.  She invites you to learn and become an Aloha Ambassador by helping perpetuate the peaceful message of Aloha Worldwide.

Every child, every person can benefit from the simple, yet beautiful lessons of Aloha. It truly is a book that the whole family can enjoy.             

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“The book Aloha- What it Means to my Ohana and Yours is full of amazing pictures, well written, fun informative children’s book about Aloha.  As a parent I appreciate the positive message that this book delivers and the conversations it has encouraged with my daughter.  My daughter has enjoyed all the different activities, including learning some Hawaiian words and also being introduced to some Hawaiian customs that you would probably only learn if you were in Hawaii.   Love the uplifting feel of this book.”  

Thanks and Aloha- Christina Belvue, Denver, Colorado